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Russia Fishing/Zhupanova River
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Kamachtka, Russia.
Fishing kind:
River ​​fishing.
Chinook, Chum salmon, Malmo char, Pink salmon, Rainbow trout.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Spinning.
Boat rental
Guide (huntsman)
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Internal flight
International flight

The Zhupanova River flows via Eastern Range in the South-Eastern part of Kamchatka to the Pacific Ocean. It is over 100 miles long and is mostly used for sport fishing. It’s a typical mountain river with lots of rifts, rocky steps and a really attractive riffle in the middle of the flow. The mountains step close all the river long forming either a rocky slab or a cliff. During the floating part in the upstream of Zhupanova River the anglers have a chance to witness 4 active volcanoes in a close proximity. In the downstream region there are hot mineral springs (Dzenzur Sources). The Zhupanova River washes out plenty of caves and whimsy grotto. The River is moderately wide in the upstream and in the middle part, yet the closer to the Ocean it flows the more branched it becomes, thus forming lots of islands and creeks.

All the River long there’s plenty of many species of Pacific Salmon (King, Masu, Dog, Pink, Coho, Sockeye – salmon), Rainbow Trout, Kundja, Loach. The River doubtlessly refers to the best quantity and quality fishing destinations.

DURATION: 7 days,
THE GROUP: up to 12 anglers.

Day 1
40 min. helicopter transfer to the Lodge from the Elizovo Airport, meeting, check-in.
Days 2 – 6
Fishing in the Zhupanova River. Floating down the river by motor-boats, 3-4 anglers and a guide in each of them . The dinner is served near the river.
Day 7
Breakfast, short-term fishing, dinner, transfer to the airport. At 2 P.M. – helicopter transfer to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport.

Lodge (double and quadruple rooms).
hot water,
excellent meals,
high level of service,
a separate dining -room,
wet clothing dryer,
lures storage room,
shower and WC in each room,
satellite TV & communication.

Splendid fishing against Kamchatka volcanoes background as well as evening bathing in the thermal spring will leave unforgettable impressions.
The Zhupanova River fishing obligatory principle is “catch & release”.

The up-to-date prices – on request.


• The rods with lures test up to 30 gram. Length : 2,4 – 2,7 meters
• The reels – size 2500 – 3000 (by Daiwa classification)
• Braided lines: 10 – 15 Lb
• Lures: for the salmon (Coho, Sockeye, Dog & Pink salmon, ) – oscillating spoons from 7 to 30 gram, 7-10 cm long , silver, copper + vivid fluorescent colors – yellow & orange

For Malma, Kundja, Mikizha – rotating spoons (similar to Daiwa Silver Creek 6-15 gram, Smith Niakis 9-12 gram), and wobblers..
• Rods: single-handed 6-8 class, two-handed 7-9 class.
• Lines: floating, floating with sinking tip,
• Leaders: from floating to speedy sinking,
• Tippets: 0,3 – 0,4 mm
• Lures: 5-10 cm streamers, big wet flies, mouse imitation, in summer – sometimes dry flies.

“Catch & release” format only,
Fly-fishing: only single-hooked flies,
Spinning: only single-hooked lures

Apparel and equipment:
• Waders, preferring high-quality membrane ones (water-repellent, water vapor permeability)
• Waders shoes with felted soles. The spare kit of crampons are to be taken as well.
• Polarized sun-glasses.
• The coat without inner lining in case of rain.
• Thermal underwear 1-2 light sets (Polartec Power Dry) and 1 warm one (Polartec Power Stretch)
• Warm coat (Polartec 200-300 or Polartec Windblock).
• Gloves
• Hand cream
• Individual medicine kit
• Sleeping bag with index 10 (comfort scale)
• Camera
• Dressing forceps
• Repellents (red “Gardex” )
• Forehead lantern
• Hermetic bags with volume from 2 to 80 liters for different personal belongings.
• Waterproof bag.
• Hermetic packages for the documents (passport, tickets etc.)

The actual price for the program – on request.

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