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Cuba Fishing/yacht №3
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Barracuda, Caranx, Tarpon.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Jigging, popping, Spinning.
All year round.
Boat rental
Guide (huntsman)
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Internal flight
International flight

Jardines de la Reina (also: Gardens of the Queen) is an archipelago in the southern part of Cuba, located in the Caribbean Sea. It is Cuba’s second largest archipelago formed by more than 600 cays and islands.

This is a unique place for different fishing styles.

Plenty of channels and straits along the coral reef reveal fantastic opportunities for any fisherman. Due to the archipelago stretching from the North to the South one can choose his own favorite fishing place, as well as to hide behind the islands in a windy weather.

The frequent reef trophy is Jack Crevalle (Caranx) with average weight 10 kg or Snapper (Kubera).

Jack is fearless – he bites at any lure that you offer. Once you’ve noticed an amber shoal near the surface – you’d better cast, and something is sure to get on the hook providing a desired moment of struggle. The fish doesn’t give up even inside the boat.

Barracuda is an immense part of the fishing experience here. Those cunning pervasive predators are often after the lure, yet closer to the boat they lose interest and dive deeper. They are often to jump out of the water with the lure in the mouth and cut it off by the devil sharp teeth, that’s why you’ll need to take many spare steel leaders. Barracuda’s teeth are legendary – the lure can be done away in a moment.

And surely – the Tarpon – silver king of the Caribbean Sea. This fishing battle will impress even the most experienced anglers. Constant jumps in the air and furious thrashing around reduce the reached control to nothing. That makes final victory so pleasant and exciting. The Tarpons up to 50-70 also happen quite often.

The Caribbean Sea and this Cuba adventure totally shift the stereotype that sea fishing is only limited by trolling. This fishing destination is very dynamic, multi-faceted and truly unforgettable.

Day 1
Arrival to Havana. Meeting by the AVALON representatives. Transfer to the hotel, overnight.

Day 2
4 a.m. – meeting in the hotel lobby and transfer to Jardines de la Reina to the Port Jukaro. 9 a.m. – transfer to the yacht. After-dinner fishing.

Days 3-8

Day 8
Transfer to Havana, overnight in the 5* hotel.

Day 9
Taxi to the airport. Flight to Kyiv.


Yacht – is a modern, comfortable and sophisticated vessel, where luxurious service and safety are gladly provided.
The capacity – up to 16 passengers (8 anglers and 8 people crew).
The interior design gives a feeling of cozy elegance, warmth and relax, and reveals excellent views of the surrounding nature. This makes a voyage very pleasant, exclusive and interesting. The guests are sure to appreciate the attentive attitude and level of service on-board.
There are 8 luxurious suites on the yacht. Each one has a bathroom with air-conditioning and heat-control, also the special sections for the personal belongings.
Each suite has panoramic window allowing to observe the spectacular paradise of the Caribbean beaches.
There is a comfortable rest-room, dining-room and a bar on the deck. You are offered to spend time communicating and having your meals there. There is also a pool, DVD, music, and sufficient sockets (220 and 110 V) for personal electric gadgets.
There is also Jacuzzi and rest-room on the yacht. And the crew is glad to offer you the authentic Cuba cuisine, world famous Rum, domestic liquors and desserts, exquisite cigars and colorful cocktails.

The up-to-date prices – on request.

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