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Argentina Fishing/Corrientes, Lodge
Tour ID: 322
Fishing kind:
River ​​fishing.
Golden dorado.
Fishing type:
Jigging, Spinning.
April, December, February, January, March, November, October, September.
Boat rental
Guide (huntsman)
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International flight

Argentina is a federal republic located in South – Eastern South America. With a mainland area of 2,780,400 sq. km (1,073,500 sq. mi), Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, and the second largest in Latin America. The capital city of Argentina – Buenos Aires is translated as “good wind” or “pure air”. The population is fond of meet, yet fish is not popular here. The people also drink much domestic wine.

Argentina is legendary for the fishermen all over the world. The Trout and Dorado fishing, sea fishing, plenty of specialized lodges, perfect service, picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine – belong to the main reasons calling the fishermen to come here at least once in a lifetime.

Dorado is called “a river tiger” here. The Dorado fishing is one of the most dynamic and exciting fresh water predator battles. This is an “athletic” amber fish much resembling the Salmon species. It has really powerful jaws and sharp teeth. But unlike the Salmon family it never dies after the spawning and never comes to the ocean.

Dorado shows great stamina. It’s strong and pretty big fish, weighing in average 8-12 kg, often – up to 25 kg, and the record weight is 30 kg. This fish is like a mix of Tarpon and bull terrier. Once it bites the lure it starts thrashing around, and jumping furiously. All these wild stunts, long and massive escapes make the Dorado fishing an unforgettable sport adventure.

The location of the fishing tour: Corrientes Province, the Northern region of Argentina. LODGE is situated at a distance of 400 miles from Buenos Aires.

International flight to Buenos Aires.
TRANSFER: the domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Corrientes Province (1,5 hours), then – 3,5 hours driving by car.

It’s also available to fly from Buenos Aires by the charter flights (there is a runway on the territory of the lodge). Besides, it’s possible to get from Buenos Aires to the lodge by car (8,5 hours).

LODGE offers the guests 5 spacious rooms, each one with a bathroom and air-conditioning. In the separate building there is a cozy guest-room and a dining-room with all facilities for a pleasant stay. The architecture of the lodge is authentic and thoughtful, the design is specially purposed for comfortable living.
The optional facilities: horse-riding, floating tours by the canoe and kayak.
LODGE is by far the best among the similar hotels specialized in the fresh-water dorado fishing. Located in the Northern part of Argentina, the lodge provides an exclusive chance to enjoy the tropical climate during a long period – from September till April.

The up-to-date prices – on request.

It’s necessary that all the tourists have the corresponding medical insurance including the evacuation, and the tourist insurance for the whole period. The carrier company has a right to cancel any booking without any refunds in case the passenger doesn’t have the insurance. It’s recommended to cover the luggage by the insurance as well.

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