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Russia Fishing/Kola Peninsula, The Belousikha River
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Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Fishing kind:
Lake fishing, River ​​fishing.
Arctic char, Grayling, Kunja char, Salmon, Whitefish.
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Fly fishing, Jigging, Spinning.
Guide (huntsman)
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The Kola Peninsula has always been a legendary fishing destination. This is the most intriguing Russian place, popular among the trophy-hunters. The main core of the Kola trophy is in its value, rarity and challenging capture.

There are plenty of top-level salmon camps at the Kola Peninsula, all of them being narrow specialized. Some of them are famous due to the salmon abundance while the other can boast its trophy weight and size. All the camps are situated far from any roads, people dwellings or any sign of civilization.

We’re glad to introduce you the new camp at the Kola Peninsula. It has no rivals or analogues. It’s a totally unique one.
Long time ago there had been a river called Voronya on the Northern bank of the Kola Peninsula. It was considered to be one of the best in large Atlantic Salmon shoals. At the sad times of “nature reformation”, when it was widely decided to shift the river streams and build up the dams, the Voronya River had also been restricted. The dam blocked the way to the Salmon shoals, leaving the smaller part of the River and its main affluent – Belousikha – at their disposal.

The Belousikha River is not a big one. Its beginning is lost somewhere in the widespread lake system. It’s only 12 km long its downstream where it becomes a speedy and transparent for giving back its waters to the Voronya mother. The Belousikha waters are like crystal, being the most clear among all other rivers. Apart from Salmon one can catch River Bull Trout, Sea Bull Trout, Grayling. The Arctic Loach can be caught in the lakes, and in upstream lake creeks – White Fish can be met. The River is very picturesque and multifaceted – changing from the rifts with sudden escape to the canyon, and running between the knolls as a silver snake. Upwards from the camp the river flows via the mountain tundra and has canyons, downriver the camp it runs into the forests. There is plenty of amazing lakes around.

There’s a great chance to make one’s wild dream come true – to leave for a some remote place with a light tent, cook the fish-soup, stay overnight, and then to come back to the camp.

Usual schedule:
Meeting of the guests at the airport / railway station,
Transfer to the camp by car/mini-van (150 km – 3 hours)
Check in the camp
Brief instruction meeting on the main fishing rules and regulations, issuing the fishing licenses
Lures preparation, fishing
Departure day:
08.00 – breakfast
10.00 – departure

DURATION: 4-8 days and more.

ACCOMMODATION: double room cottage

The up-to-date prices – on request.

The stay in the camp depend on its working schedule and is totally dedicated to the Salmon fishing in the Commercial Fishery “Belousikha”.

The Fishery is divided into 5 zones different in the trophy characteristics. The zones change each other according to the schedule. The one-time presence in the zone must not exceed 2 anglers.

Fishery ZoneDistance to the camp & transfer timeZone length
 15 km – 1 hour nearly2 km
 22 km – 30 min2,5 km
 3close to the camp2 km downstream
 41,5 km – 30 min1,5 km
 53 km – 45 min2,5 km
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