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Russia Fishing/Arkhangelsk region/Belaya River floating tour
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Fishing kind:
River ​​fishing.
Grayling, Salmon, Steelhead salmon.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Spinning.
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Guide (huntsman)
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Nenetsky District is situated in the North-East of Arkhangelsk Region and is mostly located beyond the Polar Circle. More than 4/5 of its territory is occupied with Tundra with its permanent frost layer. This makes the expedition so exotic and attractive. Yet the main thing is virgin natural beauty, untouched by civilization, crystal waters and amazing abundance of salmon fish.

The Belaya River being 115 km long is the largest and most picturesque affluent of the Indiga River. It begins from the Northern Timan and justifies its name with astonishing pure crystal waters. With an average flow velocity of 0,5-1,0 m/sec, the river is 15-40 meter wide.

The bottom is pebble, stones in the shallow places and sand. The bank of the river studded with birches and dense pine-trees is difficult to pass. Yet it’s possible all the shores long. All the floating region long there is a recurring of riffles, rifts and shallow places 0,5-2,5 meter deep.

Floating down the River in its middle stream one can see the unique natural attraction – the “Canyon “Big Gates”. 3 kilometer of the River flow within the rocky fault forming multiple canyons which are more than 5-storied building high.

The itinerary of the floating trip is arranged and settled with the anglers. It depends on their equipment and physical readiness. It’s possible to start the floating in front of “Big Gate” Canyon nearly 3 km long, with the riffle impossible to cross by water, where the equipment has to be carried 300 meter long on the rocky shore. The further floating is easier and relaxed with recurring of rifts, riffles and shallow places.

The beginning and ending of the route is discussed with the anglers.

The floating starts depending on the season, water level as well as anglers’ wishes and opinions. The duration of the trip is agreed beforehand. The term we call optimal lasts for 7 floating days. The distance of the floating route is agreed individually, yet it must exceed 40 kilometer. For the floating the boats “Tourist” with inflatable bottom are used. The anglers fulfill the route independently, for the guide helps only with current provision matters. The fishing can be either floating or performed from the shore. With the dinner break the group makes more than 10 km per day.

Day 1
Arrival to Naryan-Mar, meeting at the airport, helicopter transfer to the floating start point.

Days 2-7
Floating fishing in the most interesting locations. 1 fisherman per boat, self-control.

Day 8
Fishing from the shore, transfer from the river to Naryan-Mar

Day 9

ACCOMMODATION: 3-person tents «АTEMI» Altai, 4-person tents « ATEMI» Savage.

STAFF: a cook and 2 guides fulfilling the administrative functions. The up-to-date prices – on request.

• Hermetic waterproof parcels for personal belongings transportation and storage during the floating
• Waders with a coat and shoes with felted soils
• Waterproof windcheater coat
• Thermal underwear and a warm set (coat & trousers) made of POLARTEC or WINDBLOC.
• Individual medicine kit and personal means of hygiene
• Repellents / liquids against mosquito
• Polarized sun-glasses

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