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Sweden Fishing
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Lake fishing, River ​​fishing, Sea ​​fishing.
European grayling, Pike, Salmon, Sea perch, Sea trout, Zander.
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Fly fishing, Spinning.
All year round.
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Welcome to Sweden!
“North or south, east or west – in Sweden the chance to catch the fish of your dream is always there!” We hope that our customers, will enjoy an excellent holiday in the countryside of Sweden. Let your dreams of trophies become a reality in this wonderful country!

About Northern Sweden
The northernmost parts of Sweden were often defined as the distant desert of Europe.  There are many small, crystal clear alpine lakes of various sizes in the mountains there. In summer  nature rages here and fishing with it at the peak. Salmon and trout prevail in the mountains, and further down you find migrating brown trout and perch. A large number of alpine rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea are rich in salmon, trout and grayling. In forest rivers and lakes there are pike and perch.
Northern Sweden is a huge territory with countless lakes, rivers and streams

The southern part of Sweden includes a combination of large forest areas and cultivated plains. The coasts and plains are mostly found around the large lakes of Wannern and Vettern, as well as the southernmost province of Skåne. Smaller lakes in the lower regions offer huge stocks of pike and perch, as well as sander. Along the coast you can catch pike, salmon and sea trout, while in large lakes there are a lot of salmon and sander. This is the region closest to the continent, and you can quickly get to it either through ferries or across the Øresund bridge.

Fishing in Elvcarleby on the Dalelven River

The valley of the Dalelven River is located in the central part of Sweden and is great for fishing. Its location, its surrounding lakes, bays, marshes and meadows offer a variety of opportunities for fishing. Here you can catch pike, perch and sander. Catch a pike the size of more than 100 centimeters – a common occurrence in these places, and the largest freshwater sander was caught in this river in 2010.

The town of Elvcarleby is located at the mouth of the Dalelven River and is famous for its rapid currents and rapids. It is here that the largest amount of salmon and sea trout is caught, not only in Sweden, but throughout Europe. Here the largest salmon caught in the country in running water was caught – it weighed 27, 97 kg. Annually 600 – 1300 salmon with an average weight of 9-10 kg are caught here. The catch of sea trout is 4-5 thousand per year with an average weight of 2 kg.

Lakes located on the sides of the river are also rich in fish – perch, sander and pike. In total, there are more than 30 species of fish in this location! One of the advantages of this area is the relative proximity to Stockholm.


• SEASON / year-round (depending on the availability of ice cover)

• KINDS OF FISH / salmon (9-10 kg), sea trout

(an average of 2 kg), perch, sander, pike (often from 100 cm)

• FISHING ZONES / Sport fishing in the Dalelven River extends from the rapids in the town of Elvcarleby to the confluence of rivers into the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. This part of the river is about 9 km. Zone A begins with about half a kilometer of rapids and fishing takes place most often from the shore. At the next segment (B / C zone) – from the fishing base of Elvcarleby to the mouth, the river flows more calmly and here fishing passes from boats.

• FISHING LICENSE / Required. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the fishing office or at the fishing base.

• GUIDES / Professional guide will show you the best places for fishing based on weather conditions, season and water conditions.

• FISHING EQUIPMENT / for fishing without a guide you need to have your gear. If you do not have your own equipment, our guides will help you to buy or rent it at favorable prices.

• RULES OF FISHING / Max. 3 pcs. salmon / trout for 1 fishing license per day. In the period 20/05 – 15/08 – max 15 pcs. salmon / trout for one license per day. Sander: max. 3 pcs. The fish must be weighted and registered at the Fishing Office on the day of catching.

Fishing on the island of Gotland

Gotland is one of the largest islands in the Baltic Sea, at the southern coast of Sweden, just 150 km from Stockholm. Having come here, it’s hard to believe that you are in a Scandinavian country – the coast stretching almost 800 km is famous for its shallow-water sandy beaches, as well as coastal stripes strewn with white round pebbles. Fishing here is carried out all year round, as the coastal waters do not freeze. Here you can fish for pike (all year round) and sea trout (October – May), you can also fish carp in local carp lakes. Fishermen will be happy to know that the fish here is large, the average size of sea trout is 2-4 kg, the maximum size is 8-9 kg. In addition to remarkable natural resources, beautiful seascapes and a favorable climate, Gotland is known for its rich historical heritage and interesting culinary traditions. During the Viking Age, the island was the center of trade. You will be captivated by the charming medieval Visby with its many lovely old houses, narrow streets and a 2 km medieval fortress wall. Here there are more than 90 cathedrals and churches. It is worth to visit the Raukara – unique stone formations, towering on the coast of Gotland and the neighboring islet of Foro.


• SEASON / year-round

• KINDS OF FISH / pike (year-round), sea trout (end September – May)

• FISHING TECHNIQUES / in shallow water by spinning, fly fishing

• FISHING LICENSE / is not required if fishing takes place in public waters

• GUIDES / It is possible to reserve the services of a fishing guide for 6 hours (fishing package “Standard”) or for 8 hours (Exclusive fishing package)

• FISHING EQUIPMENT / can be hired (see section “Additional services”)

• ACCOMMODATION / We offer accommodation in comfortable cottages in the suburbs or hotels in the central Visby

• HOW TO GET THERE / Gotland can be reached by plane from Arlanda Airport or

Bromma (journey time 35 min.), As well as a ferry from Nyuneshamn (journey time 3 hours)

• TRANSFERS / You can book a transfer from Visby airport or from the ferry terminal, but we recommend renting a car.

• ADDITIONAL SERVICES / Excursions around the medieval Visby and Faryo,

Safari on Land Rover cars in Gotland, excursions accompanied by ornithologists and botanists, sauna, car rental.

“Standard” fishing package

The price includes the services of a fishing guide 6 hours, fishing tips for the following days. Fishing equipment can be rented (please advise at the time of booking). You can buy lures on the spot.

Fishing package “Exclusive”

The price includes the services of a fishing guide for 8 hours, fishing equipment for spinning, meeting at the ferry terminal / airport, transfer by Land Rover cars, hot lunch and coffee, fishing tips for the following days. You can buy lures on the spot. We recommend using the services of a professional fishing guide. With a guide you will save your time, he will help you choose the best place for fishing, based on such factors as wind direction, sea calm and catch statistics for recent days.

The best fishing season: Gotland 15 / 03- 15/05 and 15/10-01/12 For this period we offer you a unique opportunity to choose accommodation in comfortable cottages.

Cottages for 6 people.

Accommodation in modern comfortable cottages (3 cottages) in 700 m from the sea.

Cottages 70 m2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fully equipped kitchen (electric cooker with oven, dishwasher, fridge / freezer, microwave, coffee maker).

Each bedroom has 2 single beds (total for 6 people).

In the living room there is a fireplace, flat-screen TV, furniture of local production.

Floor heating, tiled shower and toilet, washing machine.

Cottages are located in the town of Lummelunda, 15 km from Visby, there is the nearest

restaurant and shop. No smoking and no accommodation with animals.

Cottages for 4-5 people.

These sea-view cottages are located just 150 m from the fishing spots for spinning and fly fishing. The size of the cottages 40 m2, 2 bedrooms (each – two single beds), kitchen (microwave, fridge / freezer), TV, shower / toilet, garden furniture, grill, TV, sauna for extra. fee. There is no dishwasher in the cottages, a washing machine is in the next building.

Cottages are located in the town of Lummelunda, 15 km from Visby.

No smoking and no accommodation with animals.

For fishing in Gotland we recommend to rent a car.


Fishing in Blekinge on the River Merrum

The municipality of Karlshamn is famous for its beautiful salmon fishing on the Merrum River. As early as 1231, salmon fishing was a favorite pastime of the Danish kings. Our company offers fishing services in this region. We will help you book accommodation and transport to / from the places of fishing, provide a guide, and help you rent equipment, if necessary. In addition, we provide a unique opportunity to book a lake for corporate fishing!


• SEASON / Spring-autumn

• KINDS OF FISH / Salmon, sea trout, pike, zander

• FISHING LICENSE / Is required for fishing in the river and in lakes.

• GUIDES / The Murroum River is a rather difficult area for fishing, and favorable areas can vary depending on the current, water temperature and time of day. Regardless of whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, we recommend that you order the services of an experienced guide.

• FISHING EQUIPMENT / If necessary, equipment can be rented on site.

• RULES OF FISHING / Fishing rules differ depending on the zone in which you are going to fish. In some areas, fly fishing and spinning are allowed, in others – only fly fishing. Ask about the rules of fishing from our managers.

• TRANSFERS / The nearest international airport is Copenhagen. There you can hire a car or book a direct train ticket that takes you from Copenhagen airport to the Blekinge region.


Fishing in Stockholm.

Stockholm is probably the only city in the world where you can see fishermen right in the center of the city in front of the parliament building. And the Stockholm archipelago itself offers great opportunities for fishing, while staying far from the entertainment of the big city. It’s great to combine good fishing with a high level of service. Here you can find modern boats, highly qualified guides and comfortable accommodation. A special plus is that the fishing season here lasts all year round, and in especially cold winters even ice fishing is available! And this is at a short distance from the heart of Stockholm, its beautiful architecture, world-class restaurants, its cultural heritage and excellent shopping. Here you can catch pike, sea trout, zander, and perch. We suggest you to stay in a hotel or in one of the wonderful cottages on the islands. You can both enjoy the delightful Swedish nature, and choose accommodation closer to the city.


• SEASON / year-round (depending on the availability of ice cover)

• KINDS OF FISH / pike (year-round, on average 2-3 kg, in early spring and late autumn you can catch a pike weighting more than 10 kg), sea trout (October-May), zander (March-June, October), perch (June- August)

• FISHING TECHNIQUES / spinning, fly fishing, jerk

• FISHING LICENSE / is not required if fishing takes place in public waters

• GUIDES / it is possible to fish for the whole day (8 hours) or for half a day (4 hours). The cost of the fishing package includes services of a fishing guide, a boat for 4-7 people, fishing equipment, life jackets / jumpsuits (depending on the weather), tea / coffee, soft drinks

• FISHING EQUIPMENT / for fishing without a guide you need to have your gear. If you do not have your own equipment, our guides will help you to buy it at favorable prices.

• RULES OF FISHING / The principle of “catch-release”

• HOW TO GET / The archipelago of Stockholm is easily accessible from the city center from

the wharves of Nybroviken and Blasielholmskajen on one of the cruising ships.

• TRANSFER / host will assist in arranging transfers to / from fishing locations.

• ADDITIONAL SERVICES / Organization of lunches / dinners, “floating” sauna,

excursions around Stockholm and the surrounding area.

About our cottages:

We can offer you accommodation in cottages on the islands. This is a great opportunity to spend time on the archipelago in Swedish style for fishing. We offer 3 cottages, located in 150-200 meters from each other. The size of each cottage is 85 m2.

Each has 4 bedrooms (one of the bedrooms has an entrance from the street), a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace with garden furniture, a shower / toilet, a drying cabinet. Each cottage is designed for max. for 8 people.

Bedrooms: in one bedroom there are two single beds, in two – bunk beds, in the fourth bedroom (entrance from the street) – two single beds. In the living room TV, DVD, CD, fireplace, large sofa, dining furniture. At guests disposal is a sauna on the beach (one for 3 cottages). You can order a full board, or prepare yourself.

There is no store on the island, so if you cook yourself, you need to buy the products in advance. All cottages are for non-smokers.

Fishing on the lake Asunden.

A small Swedish private village is located directly on the shore of the huge fresh lake Asunden, with a fabulous view to the water. Here you can spend your time quietly, enjoying the surrounding nature – forests, hills, plains and fish-rich lakes. Mostly people come here to catch pike and zander. Lake Osunden – the purest one,  you can safely drink its water. Its area is more than 6 000 hectares! There are caught perch, roach, tench, eel, burbot, vendace, bream, rudd and other fish, as well as crayfish. Local records: Pike – more than 15 kg, zander – more than 12 kg.


• SEASON / The main season – from April to November. At other times, the possibility of fishing depends on the weather conditions. Pike is from April to November. Zander is the end of spring and summer. Perch throughout the year.

• KINDS OF FISH / pike, perch, zander, roach, tench, eel, burbot, vendace, bream, rudd and other fish.

• FISHING TECHNIQUES / spinning, trolling.

• FISHING LICENSE / required /

• GUIDES / Fishing guide services can be booked – a minimum rental period of 4 hours. Guide services for groups with a large motor boat for 6 people. Packages for 3 full days:

1. Guide services for all three days with fishing accessories, a large boat and a license.

2. Guide services and a large boat for 1 day, 2 days without a guide on small motor boats for 2-3 people. (3 pcs.), With fishing gear and a license.


/ gear rental and boat rental Linder 400 Sportsman, Yamaha 9,9 hp per day and per week (We recommend 2 people in a boat, but max up to 3 people). Also on site you can buy new equipment.


Pike size less than 45 cm and pike-perch less than 55 cm and more than 80 cm should be released. Take with you can only the amount of fish that the group can eat for dinner on the same day. The rest of the fish should be let go. More complete rules of fishing can be learned from fishermen on the spot.

• HOW TO GET THERE / By car from Stockholm.

Distance from Stockholm / airport:

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm – cottage – 306 km, about 3 hours 40 minutes.

Stockholm center – cottage – 268 km, about 3 hours.

• TRANSFER / host will assist in arranging transfers to / from fishing locations.

• ADDITIONAL SERVICES / Organization of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sauna.


Accommodation in cottages on the shore of the lake. There are 5 houses in Swedish style with traditional design, designed for groups of 2 to 7 people. The cottages have everything you need for a comfortable stay, the kitchen of each house is fully equipped.  Internet connection is available in all cottages.

Smoking and pets are prohibited.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

(067) 945-52-05
(044) 573-31-87
(067) 448-22-02

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