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Seychelles Fishing/private island
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Caranx, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna, Wahu.
Fishing type:
Jigging, popping, Spinning, Trolling.
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Guide (huntsman)
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Internal flight
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Seychelles is hot and humid, with an average yearly temperature of 84°F (29°C), and average sea temperature rarely dropping below 81°F (27°C). However, the heat is usually mitigated by refreshing sea breezes, especially by the beaches. The cooler season in Seychelles is during the southeast monsoon season (May to September) and the warmer season is during the northwest monsoon (November to March). April and October are “the best months between the two monsoons, when the wind is variable. The northwest monsoon season tends to be warmer with more rain, while the southeast monsoon season is usually drier and cooler.

A fishing charter boats offer several options. First boat has an impressive equipment for trolling and fly fishing tackle, but for jigging and popping you need to bring all your items.

Professional and novice fishermen enthusiastically return here again and again to show off their catch skipjack tuna, bonefish, sharktale skate, trevally, dogthooth tuna, wahoo, dorado, and of course – marlin! Most catchability places – near the Denis Island, Fregate, Desroches. But it is worth remembering that many of the islands are within the National Parks, so in order to avoid depletion of fishery resources of the Seychelles, it is prohibited to catch fish within the islands of Curieuse, Ile Cocos, National Reserve Port Launay / Baie Ternay, St. Anne Marine National Park.

Sport fishing on Private Island

Out fishing – 07:30 am


Big Game Fishing

or jigging

Duration – 4 hours (half a day)

Price – on request.

There is no visa required to enter the territory of the Seychelles.  For all guests of Seychelles  it is prohibited to import weapons (including the air and underwater hunting), vegetables, fruits, plants, as well as medicines and drugs. The export of coconuts “Coco de Mer”, shells, corals and products made of tortoiseshell is also prohibited.

For fishing charters hotel offers 2 large boats – 32 and 35 feet.   The boat is 32 feet – Model Bertram Open 32, and this model is constantly on the island. The boat has an impressive equipment for trolling, but the tackle for fly fishing, jigging and popping fishermen have to bring with them.

The boat is 35 feet – Model Cabo Express 35 – more later. But it is based on the main island and its distillation into Denis – paid with fee. During the days of idle boats Denis surcharge will not be charged. The boat has a toilet and shower, a kitchen, a bedroom with air conditioning. Also included in the price of trolling equipment.

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