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Spain Fishing / Ebro river, catfish
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River ​​fishing.
Carp, Catfish, Lake trout, Perch, Zander.
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All year round.
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Spain is considered a favorite holidays destination for many tourists, every year this country is visited by about 50 million people. Some of them come to admire the historical monuments and other sights of the country. But there are also those who visit this country in search of unforgettable sensations received on fishing.

The most attractive place for active recreation is the banks of the Ebro River, where beautiful nature combines crystal clear waters and thick, shady forests. In the waters of the Ebro there are many kinds of fish attractive for sport fishing. But still the most attractive form of recreation is catching catfish. Here they reach a gigantic size, so it will not be superfluous, going to buy a couple of special gear for catching this large fish. Catfish fishing is one of the most attractive types of fishing, it is required not only to know the habits of this fish, but also to have sufficient physical conditions in order to cope with its resistance. Therefore, be prepared for an exciting and difficult fight with a huge fish.

If you are new to fishing, then you should start your fishing with carp catching. Although this fish is smaller in size than the catfish and less prickly to baits. Catching carp is great for a beginner, and gives a good opportunity to develop all the necessary skills. Due to a huge amount of this fish the locals call this river “Carp Paradise”.

Also you can catch other species of fish, there are a lot of perch, river trout, and pike perch in the river. Having made a trip to fishing in Spain, you will get not only an unforgettable impression of fishing, but also you will be able to visit many historical sights, and if desired, go to the bullfight.

Climate: Spain is considered one of the warmest places in Europe. The average annual temperature on the coast is about +20 degrees. In winter, the thermometer shows below zero mainly in the central and northern regions. In summer, the temperature is kept on the order of +26 to +30.

Fish: catfish, carp, pike perch, perch.

Tackles: are provided for rent, and bait is also provided.

Fishing season: all year round.


Our Lodge is a purpose-built recreation complex with the option “fishing for catfish and carp”, located on the banks of the famous Ebro river.

Accommodation a few meters from the beach in comfortable rooms and chalets.

English menu, cafe-bar, satellite TV.

Fishing is possible with or without a guide in the boat.

The most experienced guides work in the lodge thus the information and recommendations of experts will always be at your fingertips.

Licenses, baits, boats, guides / all are arranged on request.

We have several accommodation options.

Chalet –

6 brick chalets, in each of which 3 people are comfortably accommodated. This apartment consists of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen / with a microwave, a fridge, a toaster and a kettle. The bathroom has a shower, a toilet and a wash hand basin.

Price per week (7 nights) – min 3 people – from 400 euros

Main building –

In the main building we have 5 rooms.

Room 1 – can accommodate 3 adults – from 25 EUR per person per night

Room 2 for 2 adults – price from 25 euro per person per night

Room 3 – for 2 adults – price from 25 EUR per person per night

Room 4 – for 2 adults – price from 25 euro per person per night

Room 5 – for 2 adults – price from 30 euros per person per night

The Lodge is 3 minutes away by car from the village of Riba Roja.

Riba Roja has a good selection of cafes, bars and restaurants.


The bar and restaurant are located in the main building.

A typical menu includes:

Full English breakfast / with a choice of dishes /

Pork chops with fried potatoes

Lasagne with fried potatoes or salad

Chicken fried and potatoes

Food is available in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

(067) 945-52-05
(044) 573-31-87
(067) 448-22-02

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