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Norway Fishing/Hitra island
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Norway Center.
Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Chum salmon, Cod, Ling, Pacific halibut, Saithe, Sea perch.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Jigging, popping, Spinning.
April, August, July, June, May, October, September.
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Norway is world famous for its unique natural beauty. This is a real treasure of Scandinavia, which differs much from any other country. Moving back to the South a large glacier has left the picturesque landscape behind. All the seashore 21 000 km long is carved by big and smaller fiords, separated either by the mountain chains with snow caps or hills with forests, lakes and rivers.

Despite the northern latitude the spring comes in April due to the Gulf Stream here. It gets warm, the grass becomes greener and the trees blossom.

The summer temperature often rises up to 25 C, and the water in the fiords reach 18-20 C. From May to July it’s a bright daytime round o’clock, and some addicted anglers fish 24 hours long.

For the most tourists Norway is famous mostly by the fiords, glaciers and trolls. But half of Europe is going for adventurous fishing here. 

The fishing near the shores of Hitra Island is very convenient due to the “guaranteed” weather and amazing trophy.
Even when there is a storm in the open sea – one can fish near the lodge.

The lodge DOLMSUNDET is surrounded and hidden by a chain of islands in a calm bay. Yet it’s worth going out to the open sea waters to fish. It takes only 10 minutes by boat to get to the fishing destinations. The bottom relief is very attractive here, some shoal banks are 10-15 m deep, making it possible to cast and fish at the silicon baits.

Hitra Island, 165 km from the Trondheim airport.
This is a popular fully-fledged fisherman oriented lodge. It consists of a cozy main cottage with 10 apartments for 4 people each, and several comfortable cottages situated nearby. There is a garden on the territory. Most windows face either the sea or the pier. There is also a wonderful restaurant, and special places for flaying and storing the fish. The high-performance motor- boats are moored to the pier.

Seaside Cottages
Three cabins for 4 people. 35-40 sqm. A cabin for 6 persons. 90 sqm.
Apartments Marina
Two apartments in main building marina up to 5 people. Approx. 50 sqm.
Apartments Marina
Two apartments in the main building up to 6 people. Approx. 60 sqm. One apartment in the main building 30 sqm – up to 3 people
Apartments at Dolmsundet Hotel
A modern apartment 90 sqm, 3 bedrooms – 6 beds plus extra bed if necessary.
A modern apartment 75 sqm, 2 bedrooms – 4 beds plus extra bed if necessary.Grillhouse and terrace.

All units have full kitchen facilities, TV and access to the freezer for the catch.

The up-to-date prices – on request.

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