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Canada fishing/River Fraser
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River ​​fishing.
Salmon, Sturgeon.
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Fly fishing, Jigging, Spinning.
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Guide (huntsman)
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British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada is 2 times larger than France and 3 times – than Japan. There are 6 500 islands on this territory. The biggest one – is Vancouver. More than 80 000 different species of animals and birds inhabit this land. Here 7 government protected National Parks of Canada are situated.

The river Fraser – is the main one in B.C. The basin is 220 000 It forms delta when flowing into the Gulf of Georgia, and then – to the Pacific Ocean.
The fishermen from all over the world annually come to this river, where the largest Sturgeon can be caught.

This species reaches more than 3,5 m and 450 kg here. The average Sturgeon trophy here is from 60 cm up to 2 m long, yet it’s possible to land the sturgeons from 2,5 to 3 m long.

The local Canadian sturgeon can be really called “the freshwater Marlin” – so powerful this fish is. It shows the great stamina, performing the jumps and thrashing around which makes the struggle so challenging and attractive.

Apart from big Sturgeon several Salmon and Trout species live in the river.

International flight Kyiv-Vancouver (transfer stop in EU).

The fishing destination is located in 1,5 hours driving from Vancouver, the big city in Canada.

In the comfortable cottages on the bank of the river. The rooms are furnished with fire-place, luxurious bathroom, and equipped by WI-FI and TV. The windows face picturesque views of British Columbia nature.
It’s optional to organize the meeting and transfer at the Vancouver airport.

The up-to-date prices – on request.

Are provided with the guides. Middle-sized motor boats Custom Weld, Wooldridge, Thunder-jet carry up to 4 people and the instructor.

can be either taken for rent or brought with you. The tackle should be purposed for various fishing styles. For fly-fishing, for small Trout, and other lures for the big Sturgeon, such as Shimano TLD with braided line 150 lb and Lamiglas, also SAGE, Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Temple Fork, Rio, Scientific Angler, Gamakatsu.

The belts for struggle with the fish are also provided. So, the main thing which is necessary to take with is steel muscle for the biggest trophy.

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