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Chile Fishing/Patagonia/Mothership, by boats
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River ​​fishing, Sea ​​fishing.
Rainbow trout.
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Fly fishing, Spinning.
All year round.
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Chile is 24 times smaller than the territory of Russia. Chile Patagonia is a kingdom of rocks, fiords, snow peaks and transparent river waters. This destination hasn’t been touched by the civilization. Only cliffs, whales, dolphins, birds and glaciers. Only crystal clear waters, full of trout and salmon. Due to the lack of trees the birds make their nests on the ground.

The modern expedition ship is equipped by motor boats, kayaks, rafts and 2 light-weight helicopters. The new navigation equipment, suites with Jacuzzi, luxurious rooms, perfect cuisine and experienced guides are on-board. The vessel follows a very peculiar route between the chain of islands and the shore, along the calm sea zone.

The explorers have many alternatives to experience here, apart from fly-fishing. It’s possible to go to the glaciers and volcanoes, watch the rare birds in wild mountain forests, or float by kayaks down the multiple straits and fiords, observing dolphins and sea lions. It’s interesting to visit the penguins colonies or places of wild birds nesting. It’s also exciting to get by the helicopter to the glacier peak, and track down to the picturesque places. And surely it’s worth trying to catch local Brown or Rainbow trout in numerous rivers and streams. It’s possible to organize the helicopter transfer to the mountain rivers for fly-fishing. In the evening the ship carries on its way.

DURATION: 7 days.

Day 1
Arrival to Puerto Montt, accommodation aboard the vessel. Departure in the evening viewing the magnificent volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco and Tronador in the sunset light. The ship will head for the North towards the pure gulf of Ancud.

Day 2
The morning will reveal the Auchemo Island and impressive views of Puntiagudo volcano and azur glaciers. The Andes mountain chain run to fiords here. The exploring of the territory.

Day 3
The day is to start in the pure gulf of Tic Toe, surrounded by the northern part of Corcovado volcano, and it’s astonishing national park. The exploring of the land.

Day 4
The day begins in a fairy-tale gulf, surrounded by the emerald glaciers, amazing views of volcanoes, the main of which is Melimoyu. This day program offers Trout fly-fishing either along the shores or in the nearby rivers. Also you’ll be able to make a floatable tour on the kayaks to see Blue and Humpback Whales or Chile Dolphins.

Day 5
After passing the narrow fiords the ship will arrive to the next beautiful gulf. Here it’s possible to sett off on the kayaks to the mountain waterfalls, and to meet rare herons, algal goose and kingfisher. The pure rivers will offer to try catching the Brown and Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon and King Salmon. The breathtaking hot thermal springs may be observed here.

Day 6
The awakening near the Guaitecas archipelago formed by hundreds of spectacular islands. The great views of Moraleda Chanel and Eastern Andes cliffs reveal from this spot. It’s possible to surpass the shore on ZODIAC boat and witness the albatross population, and then to go by the kayak along the fiord towards the beach full of shrimps and other sea inhabitants. It’s perfect to try fly-fishing the Trout and several freshwater species. The fishing takes place in the isolated lagoons. It’s optional to reach the remote fiords of the Western shore of Magdalena island by boats, or to carry on a panoramic flight by the helicopter.

Day 7
The day starts inside the historical fiord Leptepu with warm water, edged by the upright mountains 1,5 km high and a magnificent waterfall. The motor boat will sett off to the next destinations via fiords. The fly-fishermen will be free to plan their travel. The end of the day will be spent on the vessel open deck, enjoying the favorite drink while the cooks are busy preparing the delicious supper.

Day 8
Morning arrival to the Puerto Montt, transfer to the hotel or the airport.

The ship  – 45,7 m long and 10 m wide is a successful combination of exploring functions and a unique design. The vessel is constructed to proceed in any weather conditions with maximum load.
The capacity: 24 passengers; 4 guides and managers; 32 crew members.
There are 12 suites for the group (and 2 additional ones for the guides and managers): 2 Premium Queen, 2 Deluxe Queen and 8 Deluxe Twin. Each cabin has the bathroom with shower and dryer. The rooms have a safe.

The unique and sophisticated Chile dishes will make the guests happy aboard. The variety of Chile cuisine include: Salmon, Grouper, Hake; the scallop and crustaceans are presented by echinoids and swimming crab. Mutton, veal and game are among the red meet menu. The best Chile wines will be offered aboard, many of them being rare to meet in the shops.


The up-to-date prices – on request.

The distance covered within the week by this vessel is more than 1111 km (600 sea miles) from the gulf of Puerto Montt to the Taitao peninsula (in central-South and Southern regions of Chile Patagonia). The route lies via bewildered shore territories – rivers, lakes, glaciers, straits, channels, lagoons, islands.

Different ways of fishing experience can be realized here:
The helicopter transfer from the ship:
A light-weight on-board helicopter transports the fishermen to the attractive remote fishing destinations. The speedy boats brought there in advance will take them straight to the place. After the wonderful day the helicopter comes back for the people.

The helicopter transfer with ZODIAC boats and kayaks:
The fishermen and the boats are delivered to the destination. Afterwards the helicopter returns for the people.

The speedy boats:
The delivery to the difficult to access fishing places on the speedy boats.

Heading for Patagonia for fly-fishing it’s necessary to adjust oneself to the different fishing styles either with big heavy streamers or light dry flies and nymphs. It’s recommended to use the 4-6 class rods, yet sometimes one may need 7-8.

Breathable waders with dense knees protection. The UV-protection (sun-glasses, cream) is compulsory. The clothing for comfortable time aboard and for excursions, regarding the changeable weather. It’s worth taking waterproof apparel and warm clothing (even during the summer season it might get cold as while Russian late autumn).

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