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Madagascar Fishing
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Amberjack, Barracuda, Blue marlin, Caranx, Dorado, Grouper, King mackerel, Marlin, Red Snapper, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahu.
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Bottom fishing, Jigging, popping, Spinning, Trolling.
April, February, January, June, March, May, November, October, September.
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Nosy Be… where dreams become reality…

The exotic scents of vanilla and ylang-ylang saturate the air to provide the perfect setting on the sun kissed white beaches of Nosy Be.

This unspoiled tropical island, situated off the North West coast of Madagascar, is ideal for numerous luxurious adventures including island hopping, fishing snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing in the crisp breeze. Other islets include the nearby diving retreat of Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Komba’s small fishing village ripe with a rich population of black lemurs and Nosy Tanikely’s natural marine reserve boasting a profusion of sea life.

Further north lays the Mitsios, a jewel-like archipelago with sparkling and abundant marine life. To the south of Nosy Be lies the Radamas with many small islands dotted along crystal clear blue waters.


Whether it’s the adrenaline of hooking one of the oceans greatest or just enjoying the casual fishing trip, Madagascar’s fishing experience is sure to get your blood pumping with the sound of screaming reels.

Madagascar’s waters have a large variety of fishing ground to choose from, with large banks and drop offs ranging from 20m to 1000m. It is no wonder that such a large variety of fish species are being caught in these waters, fish ranging from your GT to the mighty Marlin can be found.

For the more challenging and daring angler, the outer banks of Castor, Voltigeur and Leven bank situated 50 miles out and stretching more than 5 times the length of Nosy-Be, is a sure must. Due to large tidal ranges the currents are strongly affected forcing large schools of fish to concentrate on these drop offs making these spots ideal for vertical jigging, drop shot, live baiting and trawling. This is sure to exceed ones believes and leave the angler with nothing but content (and a lot of fish).

Low fishing pressure from the locals as well as the more difficult to access fishing spots North and South of Nosy Be means that one does not have to venture far to find large quantities of pelagic and reef fish.

As a result of these natural underwater worlds, anglers can expect to produce anything between 3 – 10 Sailfish a day, especially during in season months, not to forget that a large number of Bill Fish, Black Marlin and the infamous Dogtooth Tuna also roam these waters.

Due to the fact that there are not a lot of rivers around the Nosy Be and northern areas of Madagascar, anglers can benefit from:

  • 30-50 different species on a trip
  • 6 different ways to catch sailfish
  • Record size Dogtooth Tuna
  • Flat seas
  • Dolphins
  • Whales
  • Super clean, blue water
  • Calm waters
  • Bonitas

Yacht Adiva offers the ultimate luxury in live-aboard experience. With the wind at your back, the sun warm upon your face, cool blue waters lapping alongside, you will be able to relax and benefit from a fun-filled experience of a lifetime.

Adiva, a 53 ft Royal Cape Catamaran offers all you might expect from a luxury yacht and more. The yacht is fully equipped to offer diving, sport-fishing, sailing and island hopping excursions of note. We have gone through great lengths to equip the boat with all the latest comforts and electronics. Yacht Adiva is bound set new standards and bring a whole new meaning to the phrase Liveaboard Safari.

Yacht Bossi and her crew invite you to explore exotic islands whilst enjoying a relaxed on-board lifestyle. Ideally suited for two to four people in double cabins, our team will provide you with friendly and relaxed service to suit all your needs, making your stay a memorable one.

Yacht Bossi’s large spacious deck and living quarters, well equipped galley and wide range of onboard activities, provide an ideal liveaboard option to young and old. The large shaded cockpit area provides hours of relaxing, whilst the spacious deck offers guests ample space to enjoy tanning, fishing, etc.


We can arrange all your flights and travel insurance from Johannesburg, South Africa. For flights from other countries, please contact your local travel agency.
Air Madagascar operates flights direct to Nosy Be from Johannesburg on a Saturday and a Tuesday.
SA Airlink operates daily to Antananarivo from Johannesburg and then with Air Madagascar to Nosy Be with a one night stopover in Antananarivo.


Euro is the suggested currency and can be exchanged at the banks in Nosy Be to Ariary (the local currency). Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are only accepted at the major hotels. ATMs are situated at the banks in Hellville (the capital city of Nosy Be)


200 cigarettes and 1 liter of alcohol per person are allowed. 15-30 kg on charter flights and one item of hand luggage per person.


Bring your own mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. If you prefer, bring your own BCD and DV. We supply BCD’s, DV’s, weight belts, cylinders and compressors to refill them. However, some package options require diving gear rental. IMPORTANT: Your dive certificate is mandatory. You will not be allowed to dive without it.


Take a certified copy of your travel insurance policy with you and leave copies of your travel insurance and passports with a reliable contact at home, in case originals are lost. Take a copy of your airline tickets with you.


Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended visit and must contain at least two blank pages for the entry visa. A visa is required for entry to Madagascar. A one month, single entry visas may be obtained on arrival at the airport.


There are no compulsory health requirements at present. Malaria is a risk, especially during the rainy season, and malaria prophylactics and insect repellant are imperative. Please consult your doctor for the appropriate malaria prophylactics. The yachts are equipped with basic first aid kits but it is best to bring your own medication. Medical doctors are available on Nosy Be.


Malagasy is the first language, French is the business language and English is spoken in the tourism industry.


220V European two prong plugs. Cameras, cell phones and laptop computers can be charged on the yachts.


It is essential that you have comprehensive travel insurance.


GMT +3 hours


The dress code on the island is casual. Pack lightweight clothing and comfortable walking shoes. A thin sweater might be required during the winter months (June to August) and a raincoat during the rainy season (December to March). Towels and beach towels are provided on the yachts and hotels, but not at self catering accommodations. Never make the mistake of over-packing for Madagascar, where the climate is warm and tropical. Costumes, T-shirts, shorts and wrap-arounds are sufficient. Hat, sunglasses, sun block and mosquito repellent are essential.


The climate is warm and tropical. Cyclones can occur mid-January to mid-March which is also the rainy season when some of the hotels and yachts don’t operate.

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