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About tour:
Russia Fishing/Taimyr, Keta Lake
Tour ID: 628
Russia, Taimyr.
Fishing kind:
Lake fishing.
Arctic char, Burbot, Grayling.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Spinning.
July, June.
Guide (huntsman)
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Internal flight
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We’ll give you a fantastic chance to visit an amazing corner of a Northern wildlife – the Putorana Plateau – a land of waterfalls, the endless polar day and virgin nature beauty. Keta Lake located inside the Putorana Reservation buffer zone is absolutely uninhabited. The exciting fishing experience there is full of wonderful moments. What’s more – the polar day allows one to stay out round o’clock. 5 kg Loach and 1 kg Grayling – only to start with…

Day 1
Transfer from the Alykel airport to the Valek airport. Helicopter transfer to the floating starting point. Optional fishing in the surroundings.

Day 2
Spinning, trolling, fly-fishing from the boat – Tokynda or Amnudakta River.

Day 3
Floating expedition to the river mouth. Transfer to the camp  at the Keta Lake.

Day 4
All day expedition with a dinner to the mouth of the Orakan River (20 km from the camp) to the places of Char (Loach) population. The trip will be accompanied by the guides. The fishing: trolling, spinning, Grayling fly-fishing. Location: mouth parts of the smaller rivers from the boat, from the shore or in waders. The return to the camp in the evening.

Days 5-6
Fishing all around the Lake for Loach, Grayling, Cisco, Pike.

Day 7
Expedition to some chosen places (optionally for the end of August the beginning of September – hunting)

Day 8
Transfer to the Valek airport – hotel overnight. (Timing depends on the weather).

Day 9
Transfer to the Alykel airport. Departure to Moscow.


This part starts in the riverhead, where you will be transferred from Norylsk. Some personal belongings may be left in the camp for 1 transit landing is provided. The group is accompanied by a qualified instructor.

2 person spacious tents with anti-mosquito net. The waterproof tents, folding tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, gasoline primus stoves and gasoline lanterns are provided.

the inflatable motor boats (“Jeger”, equipped with “Honda”): 1 boat for 2 persons. All of them are equipped with safety jackets. The mountain rivers common for taiga are full of rifts and shallow places. During the floating calm places are passed over by the motor, the rifts – by oars. The most profitable fishing spots are fished around. A daily schedule is determined during the route with a daily average pace of 10-15 km. The duralumin boats (1 for 2 people) are equipped with outboard motors, safety vests and echo sounders.
For the deep fishing at the lake the downriggers are used. The anglers are accompanied by the guides all the fishing time long. The fishing can be from the shore and from the boat.
The most picturesque places are chosen for camping and the most comfortable ones for staying overnight.

Hot meals will be served twice a day, cooked by the accompanying guide. The menu is discussed with the anglers and includes various Russian dishes, fresh vegetables and fruit.The safety during the trip is guaranteed by qualified guides. The large-scale maps and radio-transmitters are in each boat. Each group leader has a satellite phone, and the guides can provide the medicine kit.
After the floating part of the tour you will arrive to the Lodge.

2 wooden cottages (2 double rooms, a living-room),

Summer dining-room with anti-mosquito net,
Hot water,
Satellite communication,

THE STAFF (6 people): cook, assistant, manager, guides, jaeger.

The up-to-date prices – on request.

It’s necessary to take a sleeping bag with you.
It’s possible to practice fly-fishing and spoon-lure using. Medium sized spinning spoons and wobblers of different colors (Mepps № 1-4. Myran, Blue Fox ) can be used.

GRAYLING (1-1,5 kg) and WHITEFISH (up to 2 kg): can be successfully caught on the “dry” flies and ent nymph on the hooks № 12-16, depending on the season one may use the floating our neutral lines. In the river 40-60 m wide – the casting distance doesn’t exceed 20 m. Middle 7- 9 feet rods and 0,2-0,25 line also suit well.
ARCTIC CHAR (LOACH) 2-4 kg): spinning tested 10-35 gram. The big spinning spoons № 3-5, wobblers 5-10 cm, or different white or yellow lures (Williams, Kastmaster, any “spoons”). The line – 0,4-0,5.
BURBOT(FRESHWATER COD 2-3,5 kg): all types of “zherlitsa” with pluck as as a bait.
We’ll provide all further fishing tips and instructions before the trip.

Special attention must be paid to your apparel and equipment due for the severe changeable Northern weather conditions.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

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