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Canada Fishing/Langara Island
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Chinook, Chum salmon, Pacific halibut, Pink salmon, Red salmon, Salmon.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Spinning.
All year round.
Internal flight
Boat rental
Guide (huntsman)
Additional payments:
International flight
Accommodation on arrival

Langara Island lies just south of Alaska, off the northern tip of Canada’s majestic Haida Gwaii (officially  the Queen Charlotte Islands). This remote island is the centrepiece to one of the richest marine environments.

Experienced anglers and first-timers are all welcome at Langara Island.  Expert guides ensure that everyone, regardless of their fishing experience, will enjoy their time on the water.  And  island’s many protected bays offer plenty of shelters from the wind and waves.  Unguided fishing is also available, if you prefer to discover Langara’s secrets on your own.

Whichever way you fish, you’ll have the freedom of unlimited time on the water during the day.  And with lodges just minutes from the fishing grounds, you also have the flexibility to come and go as you please. Fighting a wild Pacific salmon – is in to-do list of every angler, and there’s no better destination to encounter this magnificent fish than Langara Island.

All five species of Pacific salmon can be found at Langara Island.   Chinook salmon, ranging from 15 to 70+ pounds, and Coho salmon, from 7 to 20+ pounds.   At certain times of the season you can catch 3 or 4 different salmon species in one day.

The salmon here are in the absolute prime of their life.  Thousands of distinct runs of these hard-fighting fish visit this waters during the spring, summer and fall.  They gather in Langara’s protective waters to feed on needlefish and herring.

Langara Island’s sheer abundance of salmon, and many protected bays and it allows exciting ocean fly fishing. Fly fishing for coho, chinook and pink salmon, as well as black rockfish, can be enjoyed at Langara Island by any guest who has some fly fishing experience.

Halibut fishing at Langara is as productive as in any area on the West Coast.  The deep waters off the west side of our island are home to halibut ranging in size from 15 pounds to a massive 300+ pounds.

But unlike most other halibut fishing locations, at Langara you don’t have to go miles offshore into open Pacific ocean to catch halibut. Can  be found just a few hundred yards from  lodge docks in the channel between Langara and Graham Island.

Day 1

Arrival in Vancouver, overnight*

Day 2

Flight from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii, helicopter transfer to the lodge. Accommodation, rest, fishing.

Depending on the package that you prefer –  from 4 to 8 days of fishing.

Full day tour – check-out, transfer to Haida Gwaii and flight to Vancouver.

*Overnight in Vancouver.

Next day – flight from Vancouver.


* Overnight stay before and after accommodation in lodge – optional, but highly recommended. Strongly recommend that guests book their return flights home for the day after their trip end—flights to Vancouver from the Lodge are occasionally delayed.


Price include:

– Air shuttle from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii and back

– Helicopter transfer to the Lodge

– Accommodation (double occupancy) + maintenance guides and the option of boat

– All meals and beverages (including alcohol during meals)

– Marine clothing and all fishing tackle

– Rent a boat

– Service care catch (including vacuum packaging, flash freezing and shipping boxes styrene Vancouver)


Not included:

– Air to / from Vancouver

– Accommodation in Vancouver before / after the main fishing package

– Fishing licenses

– Tips

– Additional services (SPA)

– Additional fish processing (smoking, canning, etc.)

Season at Langara Island runs from mid-May to mid-September.

Trips to both Langara lodges begin/end on Saturday and Tuesday.

Special arrangements can be made for guests requiring a late arrival or early departure.

All guests are provided with a comfortable, waterproof 2-piece Mustang Cruiser suit and rubber boots. We advise guests bring clothing that can be worn in layers underneath our Mustang suits.

Weather conditions can vary significantly from day to day or even morning to afternoon.  It is far better to be over-dressed, and able to take off a layer, while out on the water.

  • Warm fleece jacket or windbreaker
  • Wool or fleece sweater
  • Sweatpants or lightweight long underwear
  • Warm socks
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit (for hot tub)
  • Motion sickness remedies
  • Camera

Due to restricted cargo space, please limit individual luggage to 30 pounds.  Soft duffle bags are preferable.

Please keep all medication with you when travelling, do not pack these items in your checked luggage.

Guests are welcome to bring their own rods and reels, provided they are suitably packed.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

(067) 945-52-05
(044) 573-31-87
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