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Greece Fishing
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Albacore, Amberjack, Flounder, King mackerel, Sea perch, Tuna.
Fishing type:
Fly fishing, Jigging, popping, Spinning, Trolling.
All year round.
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Guide (huntsman)
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The beaches of Halkidiki are known all over the world and have a reputation as the best beaches in Greece, reminiscent of tropical, with their crystal clear turquoise waters. One of the features of Halkidiki is the combination of paradise beaches with incredible vegetation and forests, which gives tourists a sense of presence in the most beautiful place in the world.

You will get to the right spot if you are looking for special places for fishing in the sea. We offer a service for high-quality sport fishing in Northern Greece. The captain and the team are the perfect choice for those who want to try sport fishing in the clear waters of Halkidiki and Sporades islands. You will be taken to unique places of amazing beauty, where you can have a great time, have fun, fish, and also relax …

At your disposal are the best available services, whether it be a hotel (where we will help to settle), a resort, beaches, transfer services, charter boats, captains or guides.

The places you will visit and the services that you will be offered are unique in Greece.

You can simply hire one of the boats and explore the magnificent sandy beaches of Halkidiki or the exciting little islands. We can also offer a cruise to Mount Athos, ideal for women, as they can enjoy the mysterious scenery and magic aura of Athos on comfortable boats.

We advise to fly from Kiev to the airport of Halkidiki, then to Port Carras 1.5-2 hours by car.


Port of Carras

We offer fishing in Greece near the Halkidiki and the islands of Sporades. Boats, tackles and equipment in combination with stunning locations, excellent service  – will make your stay easy and enjoyable.

Fish: sea bass, sea eel, yellowfin and bluefin, amberjack (mayatico), dub (sea bream), mullet, flounder … And also night fishing on a large squid.

Season: all year round on bottom fish (200-500 m depth).

September-November – yellowfin and bluefin tuna

October-April – amberjack (mayatico) and dent (trolling for live bait)

October-May – big blue tuna


BENETEAU ANTARES 980 (10 m, 220 hp)

BENETEAU ANTARES 12 (12.6 m, 370 hp)


The program to choose (start from Port Carras, prices are for year 2017):


1. Fishing in the area of ​​Halkidiki (distance is 40-50 miles to sea), 8 hours

The cost is 1900 euros  BENETEAU ANTARES 12

The cost is 1600 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 980


2. Fishing in the Halkidiki area (30-40 miles  to sea), 4 hours

The cost is 1500 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 12

The cost is 1300 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 980


3. Night fishing on squid Humboldt (Big squid).

District Halkidik (exit to the sea for 30-40 miles), 5 hours (20: 00-01: 00)

The cost of 1350 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 12

The cost of 1100 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 980


4. Fishing in the area of ​​the Northern Sporades islands (to the sea for 110-120 miles), 12 hours.

Fish: tuna and amberjack

The cost is 2550 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 12

The cost is 2150 euros BENETEAU ANTARES 980

*** The price includes: a team of 3 people (captain, guide, steward), fuel, tackle / bait, snacks, wine, beer, soft drinks on board

All air and land transfers, hotel, meals, tip to the team are paid separately.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

(067) 945-52-05
(044) 573-31-87
(067) 448-22-02

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