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Chile Fishing/Patagonia/Chinook salmon
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Lake fishing, River ​​fishing.
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Fly fishing, Spinning.
All year round.
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In period from December to April in Chile –  opening of fishing season, when enthusiasts from all around the world gather to catch chinook salmon. One of the best places for this activity – a wonderful lodge, located in a picturesque location, right next to the fishing spot. Chile, although it has a huge coastline, most famous for river and lake fishing.

Due to its long coastline, clearly Chile’s weather is extremely diverse and unpredictable although it is seasonal in much of the country. Summer runs from December to February, and winter from June to August. It is difficult to pinpoint temperatures ranges for the country as a whole as they’re so variable. There’s the dry, arid Atacama desert in the north where temperatures reach a maximum of 32°C (90°F) and can drop to -2°C (28°F). Chile’s central region has a Mediterranean weather in its central region with a colder, wetter season (May to August), while it is usually cool and damp in the south. Easter Island has its own humid sub-tropical temperatures, while much of the south, from Region VII down has a very high annual rainfall.

In terms of visiting Patagonia and south, the summer months from December to March are ideal it’s warmer for trekking and other outdoor activities. November and April are quieter times in terms of tourism but the weather is less dependable. It isn’t advisable to visit the south from the end of autumn to the end of winter – May to September – as many trails close due to bad weather and strong winds and waterways ice over. However, places in the north, such as the Atacama, can be visited all year round. Chile – a unique country! Width of this republic only 200 km, but the length – about 4300 km! The country borders with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. Also Chile is very close to the Antarctic – just 900 km. Chile also has several small islands in the Pacific Ocean. It’s Wellington Island, Juan Fernandes Island, part of Tierra del Fuego and Easter Island. Chile has a unique geographical location, because of its extent, the landscapes of Chile and the country’s climate is very diverse, there are mountains with blooming valleys, gracious and warm coast, washed by the Pacific Ocean and even lifeless deserts.

Duration: 7 nights / 8 days

6 days of fishing

Day 1

Arrival in Puerto Montt, meeting representatives of the lodge, transfer. Accommodation in rooms with views of the volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco.

Day 2-7

Fishing for king salmon, with access to the fishing boats in the place. Every evening discussed the route for the next day, before the fishing 18:00-18:30, after that – return to lodge, dinner and rest.

Day 8

Check-out, transfer to the airport Puerto Montt.


Lodge, the maximum number of seats – 10 people

During accommodation in the lodge – 3 meals per day plus drinks ( tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer,bottled water,local wine, cocktails)


The most productive fishing lasts from December to April, in this time of year many fishermen from all over the world come to Chile for fishing. The main trophy of the Chilean fishing at this time – chinook. A very important role in the choice of the country for fishing,is its extraordinary landscapes and nature. One of the cleanest places is the Chilean Patagonia, it’s unique area protected by both the state and several international organizations, especially UNESCO.

Best fishing in Chile is carried out on the mountain and piedmont rivers in the provinces of Los Lagos, and Araucania, the best rivers for fishing are considered – Bio-Bio, Petrohue, El Manzano, as well as lakes Villarrica and Pucon. Also you can go fishing on the river Pueblo or Pescado, as well as on lakes Todos los Santos and Llanquihue. It is also recommended to visit the island of Chiloe, which is famous for its lagoons and rivers. Of course, this is far from all the places in this wonderful and beautiful country where you can fish successfully, and expirience  extraordinary adventure to enjoy extraordinary natural scenery. So do not delay a trip to Chile, and collect all the necessary gear and stuff for the road and go to this great and wonderful country.

Price of the tour – on request.

RECOMMENDED fishing clothing:

Waders of breathable material with extra protection on the knees. Sun protection (glasses, cream) is required. Clothing with the expectation of changeable weather. Recommended waterproof clothing and warm clothes.

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