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Argentina Wild Boar hunting
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Wild Boar (Sus Scofa) was the first non- native game animal introduced in Argentina by the early spanish conquistadores. Later in the late 1900s more pure european boars were introduce in Patagonia and central Argentina. Rapidly they expanded throught major areas of the country.

Big boars are usually seen alone but it is not rare to also see them in groups with sows and piglets. An adult male will normally weigh around 200 pounds but they can reach up to 350 pounds . The boars grow menacing tusks that get longer and thicker with age.

Northern Patagonia and Mendoza lodges have pure blooded boars, unlike Buenos Aires province and other areas of the country that had been mixed with feral hogs. Despite this they still present huge bodies and big tusks.

At Buenos Aires lodge we offer one of the most exciting boar imaginable— on horseback with revolvers and lever action rifles.
In Patagonia we also hunt them mostly as an addition during our Red Stag hunts.


Wild boar hunting on horseback using lever action rifles and revolvers is a great fun. Very easy to arrange and close to the lodge. Some basic horse riding skills are necessary for doing this hunt. Depending on the conditions sometimes we can do the boar hunts as “spot and stalk” hunts with scoped high power rifles. One hour and a half from the lodge in the remote corners of huge cattle ranches we can find wild and dangerous water buffalo. All day hunts can be arranged from the lodge. We have big safari rifles for our clients to use on such a hunt. After the hunt, we will take care of the preparation and paperwork of your trophy.


April-December – Buenos Aires Lodge

March-April – Patagonia



Mornings start early, with a wakeup call before daylight, followed by a hearty breakfast. A short ride will then put you in the designated hunting area. You’ll hunt until mid morning, followed by lunch at the field. The afternoon hunt continues until dark returning to the house for dinner. Sometimes it’s possible to go back to the lodge for lunch and perhaps a siesta.


International flight Kyiv – Buenos Aires (or Santiago de Chile)

*Then a convenient two-hour drive from Buenos Aires, via highway 2 (104 miles) followed by about 5 miles on good roads through stunning Argentine countryside. Helicopter service from the airport to the lodge can also be arranged as well as private plane charters to our closest landing strip (25 minute drive).

*Next ranch is located in the Tupungato region of Mendoza province on Western Argentina. Only 85 Kilometers (50 miles) south of the Mendoza city airport.  Mendoza city airport is serve with several daily flights either from Buenos Aires (1:45 min Flight) or Santiago de Chile (45 min flight). Hunters will be picked up by the lodge staff at the airport and transferred to the lodge. The ride usually takes 1 hour.

*Hunters fly from Buenos Aires to Bariloche or San Martin, two major cities in south Patagonia serve with daily flights. Guests will be collected from the local airport by the ranch staff and then driven to the 3 rd lodge.

In selecting which gun you take, it boils down to personal preference.
Buenos Aires province has a general weapon season so clients can choose which kind of gun/bow they want to use. 
For wild boar on horseback we use 30-30 and 44 Mag lever action rifles and 357 Mag, 44 Mag and 45 LC revolvers. For Water Buffalo we use 375 H&H, 458 Win Mag and 458 Lott.




RIFLE SLING: It’s important that your rifle has a comfortable sling.
BINOCULARS: A good pair of 8 or 10 X or binoculars is a must.
RANGE FINDER: Our guides all have range finders and they will measure distances for you. But bringing your personal one is always useful.
SHOOTING STICKS: Bring your personal favourite (bipods, tripods), which ever you like best and feel more confident shooting from. The guides will have in case you don’t bring one.
WARM HAT – Something with ear flaps or a ski-style hat that will cover ears is the best bet for colder days.
SMALL FIELD BAG or DAY PACK – To carry camera gear and other personal items into the field.
INSECT REPELLENT – Mosquitoes or other bothersome insects could be present in the field, usually on the warmest afternoons. We recommend to bring your personal choice of repellent and also a Therma-Cell divice.

MEDICATION – Most people have no stomach problems in this part of Argentina. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to take along medication for symptomatic relief. Also, take aspirin, in addition to other medications you normally use. Band-aids – for sore fingers from shooting.

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