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Argentina Dove Hunting
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All year round, December, February, January, March.
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Since its opening in 1995, the lodge is one of the best hunting lodges in Argentina. It is ideally located between the two largest nesting grounds of the Argentine pigeon in Cordoba. The Lodge offers excellent hunting all year round. The hunting house itself is very attractive for hunters, and over the years attracts the attention of those who are “in the subject”. In 2010, the Lodge increased hunting grounds more than twice, and the house was completely renovated to meet the highest quality standards. Today the lodge is better than ever, and offers hunt for pigeons in Argentina, where you can find the best, luxurious rooms and excellent service.

Winter in Cordoba – from June to August, and summer – from December to March. In the summer there are rains. But mostly in the evening. Stock up a slicker for this case.


Customers value the lodge for the amazing pigeon hunt and its privacy. This is an ideal solution for families, small groups of friends and corporate parties.

You usually need to book a lodge 6-9 months ahead and one year from January to March, when the sunflower ripens in these parts.

In Argentina, summer is from December to March, and its long days and high concentration of birds make this time of the year prime time. Hunting for pigeons on this site mainly takes place on the famous hills of Mach and surrounding farms. From April to May the pigeon meets about 40 minutes from the lodge. Due to its location, the lodge is the only place open in both these months. In June and July, during the early winter in Cordoba, mild temperatures and clear skies create ideal conditions for hunting. From July to November, winter and spring hunt for pigeons takes place on the hills and at this time of year there is a fantastically beautiful weather.

In simple terms, hunt for pigeons in Argentina is the best in the world. But the quality of shooting varies from province to province and from region to region. There are several areas with excellent pigeon hunting in Argentina, but none of these places can compare to the northern Cordoba. In particular, the best hunt for a pigeon in Cordoba near the famous nests of Mach and Churki. The Lodge is perfectly located right between them, which provides easy access to dozens of millions of pigeons.

Seasonality: all year round

The Lodge offers pigeon hunting in Argentina all year round. You will have access to more than 64,000 hectares of the best hunting farms and fields of Cordoba. The unsurpassed number of shooting locations distinguishes our lodge from the other hunting grounds of Cordoba and allows for excellent hunting in any season.


Of all the hunting lodges in Cordoba, our lodge is perhaps the most unique. It perfectly combines the charm of the “good old” Argentina with modern luxury and offers 5-star amenities, rarely found in hunting lodges. The Lodge is located about 95 km north of Córdoba Airport. In the cottage there is a lounge area, an open lounge with a place for a fire and an ordinary dining area. But the most famous “highlight” of the lodge is a rustic, but very elegant bar. It was built over 150 years ago, providing guests with ideal conditions for cocktails, poker games and just for gatherings.

In 2013, a heated jacuzzi-pool was built, which perfectly relaxes at the end of an active day. The kitchen was completely renovated in April 2014, reaching the highest level.

The Lodge, built in 1995 and carefully restored in 2010, is designed for private hunting. The house has 6 well-appointed suites with two windows, each with queen-size beds, private bathroom, air conditioning and a fireplace. Despite the fact that the lodge can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests, groups of 4 or more people can reserve the entire house only for themselves. In addition to pigeon hunting, hunters are provided with the best service, exquisite cuisine, wonderful local wines and the warmest Argentine hospitality.

There is no standard check in the lodge. But it may happen that the previous group still shoots on the morning of your arrival. Such hunting usually lasts up to 11-30. This means that the room behind these guests is up to 12-30 and will be free for you at 14-00, but we, of course, will do everything as quickly as possible so that you will take it as soon as possible.

Flight to Buenos Aires from Kiev (with a transfer in Europe). Domestic flight to Cordoba airport, where a representative of the lodge will meet you and take you to the place

The price includes:

All ground transportation to/from Cordoba

airport and to/from the hunting fields.

Six (6) dove hunts (2 per day).

Professional hunting guides.

Deluxe double occupancy lodging

with private bathrooms.

All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All beverages, including selection of the

finest Argentine wines, local beers, soft

drinks, bottled water and local hard liquor.

Laundry, boot cleaning and gun cleaning.

Swimming Pool / Hot Tub.


The price does not include:

Shells (USD13.75 per box of 25).

Hunting licenses (currently

USD65 per day).

Gun entry permits (currently

USD120 per gun) or gun rentals

(USD75 per day).

All voluntary gratuities.

Telephone calls and faxes.


Phone fax.



Tips for the lodge and field staff are not included in the package. Tipping is

discretionary, but we suggest USD120 per day per hunter to be split among the

house staff and bird boys.

Note: It is customary to tip the bird boys directly. Cash is the best form to tip the

bird boys. Camouflage caps, shirts, and other hunting related items are also

greatly appreciated by them.


We occasionally have a professional videographer on site. These incredible

videos are typically filmed on your first couple of days of the trip and edited on

your last day. This way you can take home a copy with you. You will be asked if

you want the video filmed when you arrive at the lodge if the videographers are

available. If you want to organize a video in advance, please let us know.


What to take with you-

Dark colored, or camouflage hunting clothes and hats.

Wool sweaters, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip-up tops especially

during our winter from June to August. Layering is important. Depending

on the time of year it can be 40F and windy in the morning, then end up

in the high 70’s and calm winds by the afternoon. Wool socks are sometimes

also useful.

Lightweight rain suit and waterproof hat from November to March. You won’t

need it unless you don’t bring it.

Shoes: Lightweight or ankle-height is all you need. Many shooters even wear


Snake boots are recommended from November to March.

Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the lodge (jeans, tennis shoes, etc).

Shooting glasses, sunglasses, 30spf sunscreen or stronger, and Chap Stick.

Recoil reduction equipment: shoulder pads, Kevlar lined vests and EvoShield


Lockable travel gun case (stainless steel or heavy duty fiberglass).

We have cleaning rods & patches; but please bring oil, choke tubes and


Bring modified chokes, improved cylinders, or improved-modified.

Any gun cleaning equipment you might need.

Hearing protection: Earplugs.

Side carry shooting pouch for shells, or shell vest. Bird boys can load for you

if you want.

Leather shooting gloves are an absolute must! Or you will have blisters!

All electricity is 220 in Argentina (European style). At the lodge we have

converters for your 110 stuff like laptop computers, digital cameras, smart

phones & tablets, electric razors, etc., but some hotels in Buenos Aires and

airports do not.

Medication (most people have no stomach problems in this part of


Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to take along

medication for symptomatic relief.

Shaving kit: Mylanta, Advil (or preferred painkiller), Neosporin, Band-Aids,

vitamins, prescribed medication, etc.

If you have any questions. You can call us or write them in this form !

We will respond as soon as possible!

(067) 945-52-05
(044) 573-31-87
(067) 448-22-02

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