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Seychelles Fishing/Island
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Fishing kind:
Sea ​​fishing.
Barracuda, Caranx, Grouper, Marlin, Sea perch, Wahu.
Fishing type:
Barracuda, Caranx, Grouper, Marlin, Sea perch, Wahu.
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This sland is part of Amirante Islands and situated  in 30 minute flight from Mahé. The length of island  about 6 km, width – from 500 to 1500 meters. There are coconut plantations and small local village. A great place for scuba diving or snorkeling, hiking or cycling! Next to the island of Island there are atolls –  Poivre and St. Joseph, famous for its beautiful unspoiled reefs, very popular among fans of first-class scuba diving, snorkeling and trophy fishing! Fishing takes place from specially equipped boats running professional fishing guides  There are various methods of fishing – jigging, trolling.

From the first minute of your stay on the island, it is clear that you are exactly where fishing is one of the main advantages! Major trophies –  bluefin tuna, gigantic trevally, barracudas, groupers, apriony, yellowfin tuna, bonito, wahoo. Fishing program is built on the basis of your wishes and we recommend it to diversify visit several islands. For example, for fishing jig is best to go to the atolls of Poivre and Sand Cay, and fly fishing enthusiasts can safely advise St. Joseph.

Professional and novice fishermen enthusiastically return here again and again to show off their catch skipjack tuna, bonefish, sharktale Skate, trevally, dogthooth tuna, wahoo, dorado, and of course – marlin! Most catchability places – near the Denis Island, Fregate, Desroches.

Sport fishing on the Island.

1 day.

Arrival to International Airport in Mahe.  Departures from airport of Mahe to Island, arrival, check-in. Dinner.

Day 2-Day 7

Six days of fishing.

Day 8.

Check-out from the hotel, departure to the island of Mahe, flight home.

Price  on request.

There is no visa required to enter the territory of the Seychelles.  For all guests of Seychelles  it is prohibited to import weapons (including the air and underwater hunting), vegetables, fruits, plants, as well as medicines and drugs. The export of coconuts “Coco de Mer”, shells, corals and products made of tortoiseshell is also prohibited.

Fishing is possible on the boats:

5 meters, with 2-stroke engine Yamaha, power – 60 HP, ideal for access to shallow water.

9 meter monohull boat with 4-stroke engines Suzuki, possibility of 300 HP each. The vessel is also installed  with GPS Futuro.

Electronic devices: radar, GPS, depth sounder, radio.

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